Regenerative Cell Therapy

Regrow Cells In Damaged Areas Braselton, GA

Stem cells are called the master cell. We all originated from one cell when we were developing. From that one cell, it multiplied into many cells, and eventually, those cells differentiated into our organ’s muscles and bones.

Stem cells are blank cells that can differentiate into any cell in the body and heal almost every cell in the body. It will re-grow new cells in the damaged area. If you suffer from arthritis torn muscles or ligaments, this may be a long term treatment other than expensive surgeries that require a long healing process.

Not to mention, most surgeries are not permanent and may require more than one operation in the future.

No Recovery Time!

Athletes like Peyton Manning and many others have used stem cell therapy to repair damaged tissue without surgery or recovery time.

This therapy has no recovery time, and most patients can go back to work on the same day. Many patients only require one treatment that can last years.

There are many types of stem cells being used. There are adult stem cells, amniotic stem cells, and umbilical stem cells.

Adult stem cells are the most popular, but just because its the most popular does not mean its the best choice. Results vary based on the patient’s age and health. The older the patient, the lower the quality and number of cells can be harvested. The procedure is painful and has a recovery period.

Amniotic tissue comes from the placenta of a newborn baby. It is collected from a baby who’s mother donates the tissue from a c-section. The baby and mother have to be healthy and goes through FDA testing to make sure the tissue is safe for transplant. The procedure is simple, takes less than 5 minutes, and has no recovery time.

There are now Umbilical Cord stem cell treatments. We use donated umbilical cord tissue from a healthy mother and baby. The difference from amniotic tissue is that there are ten times more stem cells found in this type of tissue. Ten million cells are guaranteed upon delivery and then injected into the area. Amniotic tissue only has 1 million cells and mostly consists of growth factors.

Regenerative Services
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