Glutathione Infusions

The Mother Of All Antioxidants Braselton, GA

Glutathione is the natural armor of many types of cells, especially the retina, lens, and your skin. It also acts as a cofactor in many bodily functions. It is also the foundation for main detoxification pathways in the lungs, kidneys, intestinal lining, liver, and several other organs.

Glutathione has been a subject of scientific study for many years, and studies have shown that levels of glutathione directly correlate to the healthy function of cells.

What is Glutathione Infusion?

Glutathione is the body’s most active internal endogenous antioxidant, and it is created by the body naturally. Glutathione proves to be more potent than lipoic acid or vitamin C.

Glutathione is made up of 3 amino acids:

  • Glycine
  • Glutamine
  • Cysteine

Levels of glutathione are shown to diminish substantially with age and chronic illness or generally poor health. As glutathione is depleted in a cell, it will lead to cell death.

What does glutathione do?

Glutathione protects from free radical damage and helps improve cellular function at all levels (immune function, hormone levels, mitochondrial function, etc.) As people develop chronic illness, glutathione levels go down. Maintaining adequate glutathione levels is critical for wellness and recovery from disease.

Why intravenous administration?

There has always been a concern on how well oral glutathione gets absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, most professionals agree, to guarantee absorption, it is best to administer glutathione intravenously.

Using oral glutathione therapy is considerably less effective than intravenous therapy for treating chronic illness.

What conditions are treated with intravenous glutathione?

Associated conditions with excessive oxidative stress, inflammation, and free radical damage, could theoretically be revived by intravenous glutathione.

Mitochondrial, cellular energy production, dysfunction is especially aided by glutathione. The best-studied uses are for Parkinson’s Disease and the side effect reduction associated with conventional cancer treatments.

Other potential applications include conditions such as multiple sclerosis, progressive neuropathy, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and hypertension.

How is intravenous Glutathione administered?

Depending on the patient’s age and his/her needs. It is administered intravenously twice a week. Treatment after that depends on the response to the therapy. Glutathione is frequently given following other I.V therapies such as vitamin C, essential vitamin infusions, chelation therapy, and lipoic acid therapy.

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